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Last Updated: May 31, 2002

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News and Events
mob4glob and Kananaskis,
June 26-27

Anti-G8 mobilization info

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Friday, May 31:

Security or Military Zone for G8

As previously announced, over 95 per cent of the land base of Kananaskis Country will remain open for camping and recreational use during the G8 Summit in June. All facilities and trails in Peter Lougheed, Bow Valley, Sheep River and Canmore Nordic Centre provincial parks will be available for campers, day users and trail users. In addition, the Highwood, Cataract Creek and Sibbald areas, plus nearly all of the Elbow Valley will be available to visitors...

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Friday, May 31:

The OISE-UT Transformative Learning Centre Summer Institute Courses

Courses for June 2002.

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Thursday, May 30:

New Flyers Available for Download

- A callout and bus information flyer for the take the capital actions from the toronto 2 the capital organisers: Click here to download.

- A bilingual "no one is illegal" callout flyer from the take the capital organisers: Click here to download.

Both files are PDF format.

Wednesday, May 29:

The War on the Third World Videos for Sale

A video by Frank Dorrel

The film is a compilation of segments from existing documentaries, painting a picture of American international involvement from the 50's to date.

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Friday, May 24:

City of Toronto No Sweat Policy

Write your City Councilor and put a stop to sweatshop labour

The No Sweat municipal campaign got a boost Tuesday when the City of Toronto's Administration Committee passed a resolution calling on the City to develop a No Sweat policy for municipal apparel purchases.

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Friday, May 17:

G8 Posters, Leaflets, and Resources Now Available

Here is a list of posters and leaflets you can now download from the mob4glob listserve

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Thursday, May 16:

"Don't Let the G8 Decide Your Fate" Buttons Now Available

Contact: Ethan (mob4glob@tao.ca)

We now have buttons that read "Don't Let the G8 Decide Your Fate" and have an image of the G of G8 eating the world. Look for them at your next mob4glob event.

Tuesday, May 14:

Call for global Days of Action

This coming June, the executive board of global capitalism is retreating to the foothills of Alberta, Canada. Jean Chretien, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and the other so-called leaders of the industrialized world continue planning for war at home and abroad, surrounded by pristine wilderness, putting greens, and thousands of police and soldiers.

The self-serving "war on terrorism", orchestrated by the leaders of the G8, continues to militarize and brutalize the world, while cynically making appeals to civilization and freedom. From Afghanistan to Colombia, from the Philippines to Somalia, Western powers continue to exercise their self-proclaimed right to dominate and determine the destiny of the global South at an ever more accelerated pace.

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Tuesday, May 7:

Call for Submissions: Global Differents

Bloor West Forum for Peace and Social Justice is a group of concerned citizens who meet in the Bloor West Area. We are working collectively through various forms of non-violent action on issues of social justice, civil rights and peace. We work to raise awareness in our community about these matters.

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Monday, May 6:

Interested in a Speaker for your Group?

mob4glob offers free speakers to schools and organizations on many topics, including: globalization/free trade, the G8, privatization, their effects on women, children, workers, unions and on minority groups, Third World debt, the breakdown of democracy and freedom. This is a great way to raise awareness about issues that impact all of us.

The workshop is in a popular education style to maximize participation. We are flexible in terms of times, dates, and the length of the workshop.

For more information or to book a speaking engagement, please contact (416) 522-8548, or speakers-bureau@sympatico.ca

Thursday, May 2:

Officials Hound Woman Fighting Deportation

Please take note of the urgent need for letters in support of Brendalyn McDonald's appeal to be landed on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

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tuesday, April 30:

Join Anti-G8 Protests in Ottawa

There will be anti-G8 mobilizations in Ottawa on June 26 and 27.

Here's how to get on the bus.

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Monday, April 29:

Stop the War, Get on the Bus to Montreal

The Concordia Student Union and a variety of other organisations are organising an anti-war teach-in that will bring together anti-war, peace, and social justice activists.

The conference is scheduled to take place from Thursday, May 9 to Sunday, May 12.

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Monday, April 29:

AIR 6Billion Update

The Canadian Labour Congress and Global Justice activists have worked together to book planes to transport people from Eastern Canada to Alberta for actions against the G8 Summit this June.

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Friday, April 26:

Call for Presentations: Participatory Development Conference, Guelph

Conference Theme: Participation for Global Action & Change

Participation has its roots in social transformation based on collective reflection and action. Over the decades, participation has been seen as essential for the sustainable implementation and management of development projects. Participation is now gaining currency as a means for global action and change.

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Friday, April 26:

The Northeastern Anarchist #4 Now For Sale

Magazine of the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)

"Class Struggle Beyond Anti-Globalization Protest"

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Monday, April 15:

Educational & Activists' Speaking Tours

On the Road to Kananaskis -- Addressing the G8, Global Elitism, Impoverishment & Repression

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Monday, April 15:

Anti-G8 Highway Blockade

A group of activists from across the north-east of North America are organizing a co-ordinated, decentralized action of simultaneous high-way slow downs to build and make more effective the demonstrations against the G8 in June of 2002. We are building the networks and setting the stage for eventual immovable highway blockades, the weapons of the poor and the stranglers of national economies so popular and effective throughout South America.

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Friday, April 5:

The Puppet's Don't Like Globalization Either!

Calling all socially conscious artists and artistically inclined activists!!!! David Anderson of Clay and Paper Theatre has offered to help Toronto Mobilization for Global Justice build a giant puppet.

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Tuesday, April 2:

Endorse the Toronto Day of Action for Peace and Global Justice (April 20-22)

The Toronto Peace Action Coalition is calling for a day of Action for Peace and Global Justice on April 27th in Toronto. We hope that many groups, organisations and individuals working on different issues will come together for a united day of activity that allows us to highlight our various campaigns while uniting around the common cause of peace and global justice.

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Monday, April 1:

Get on the bus to Protest in DC! (April 20-22)

On April 20-22 a series of protests in Washington will focus the energies of the anti-war/anti-racism movements. Saturday, April 20th begins with an anti-war/pro-civil liberties protest combining the forces of the US1s two largest anti-war coalitions. The Parkdale Action Coalition will be sending a bus down for these demonstrations. The bus will leave Friday arrive in Washington on Saturday morning and return that evening.

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Tuesday, March 26:

Open Call for Workshop Facilitators

The Holistically Organizing for Peace Equity and the Environment (HOPE) OM Summer Solstice Festival is seeking passionate and innovative individuals / organizations to facilitate workshops.

The HOPE Village will feature an extensive array of educational workshops, keynote speakers and interactive skill training workshops as well as an expo for holistically minded organizations. The HOPE Village reflects our optimism that a A BETTER WORLD IS POSSIBLE, and that working together in small, inclusive, caring communities is a way to achieve meaningful social change.

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Friday, March 22:

The Great Deception Video Available

A 39-minute VHS cassette with six commentaries originally titled "What Really Happened on Sept. 11th?" is now available.

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Thusday, March 21:

Take the Capital: Info on Ottawa Actions

We invite all organizations, affinity groups and individuals in Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and the Northeastern United States to join the mobilizing, organizing and awareness-raising efforts for the days of action in Ottawa.

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Tuesday, March 19:

Sponsor Sheet for the G8 Meeting in Kananaskis

Download and print out this document for soliciting donations for travel to the G8 meeting.
This document is in PDF format.

Click here to download.

Monday, March 18:

An Open Letter to Anti-Globilization Activists

Toronto Mobilization for Global Justice is calling on all anti-globalization and social justice activists to participate in the upcoming actions at the Tory Leadership Convention, March 22 and 23, called by the Ontario Common Front.

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Friday, March 15:

Defy the G8, Come to Kananaskis

The G8 meeting in Kananaskis, Alberta June 26-27, 2002 presents a challenge to social movements around the world. This summit of the dominant economies of the world strives to present the G8 vision of the world as one of development and democracy. In fact, it represents an agenda of corporate globalization, which results in the social exclusion of growing millions of people, systemic global poverty, and the degradation of the natural environment, supported by escalating international militarism.

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Thursday, March 14:

Report Back From Canada-Colombia Solidarty Meeting

Mob4glob received an invitation from the Canada-Colombia Solidarty Campaign to join them and many groups for a meeting to plan an action to bring light to the escalation of violence presently happening in Colombia. Here is the report of our representative

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Thursday, March 14:

Own "What I Learned About the CIA" Video

mob4glob showed the video 'What I Learned About the CIA' at a movie night a few weeks back. There was such a popular interest in the video that we bought many copies of the video and are offering them for sale.

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Tuesday, March 12:

Should African Social Movements be Part of NEPAD?

- Notes from a speech given by Trevor Ngwane to the African Social Forum's African Seminar at the World Social Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2 February.

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Friday, March 8:

Help Send a Friend to Cuba

The Canada Cuba Education and Solidarity Tours this May promise to be an experience of a lifetime for those who join with us. Many members of last year's tour described it as being the equivalent of a year in university on the subject of Cuba.

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Thursday, March 7:

Education Committee Gets Underway

The Education Committee is running full steam! After an intense brainstorming session, several exciting projects have come up. We do need help to make them reality! If you want to contribute, please get in touch with the contact person for the project(s) that interests you.

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Wedesday, March 6:

Celebrate May Day in Mexico!

Join the Mexico Solidarity Network for our fourth annual week of labor solidarity activities, highlighted by the May Day celebration and a party with democratic labor activists at the Frente Autentico de Trabajo.

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Wedesday, March 6:

Independant Newspaper Looking for Submissions

we are a group called kinetic, and we're starting a nonprofit, independent newspaper, bent on the exploration of social and political issues. the objective is to provide an open forum for the free exchange of radical thought.

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Tuesday, March 5:

Challenge Toronto's Charter-Free Zones & Stop the Privatization of Public Space!

Would you be interested in helping liberate the No-Protest zone in front of the U.S. Consulate, a public sidewalk accessible to anyone in the city except those who carry signs calling for peace? Or perhaps standing on the front lawn of Moss Park Armoury with a Homes not Bombs banner? The Charter of Rights and Freedoms seems to be missing in these and many other public spaces.

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Monday, March 4:

Help OCAP Hunt for Office Space!

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty is on the lookout for a new office. We are losing our office at 249 Sherbourne St in Toronto and need to find another for April 1st in order to continue more than a decade of work uniting and defending poor people.

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